Savory n Sweet, Inc.

bringing food to you with vintage style

Savory n Sweet is a fresh, home spun catering service, specializing in charcuterie boxes, boards, and family style service. Our rustic, vintage vibe creates a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, whether hosting in the office, home patio or special occasion.



We love food. And we're not afraid to say that we like GOOD food: food that is grown with conscience and produced with care.

We write all of our menus for each and every event. Although there are some dishes that we love and want to recommend from time to time, by and large, each menu is a distinct reflection of the clients and their vision for the event.

Give us a call and let us help create the perfect menu for your next event.

We love preparing food to be served plated, family style or buffet. It all comes back to our client and how formal or informal their special day or event will be.


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