Savory n Sweet, Inc.

bringing food to you with vintage style

Savory n Sweet is a fresh, home spun catering service, specializing in charcuterie boxes, boards, and family style service. Our rustic, vintage vibe creates a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, whether hosting in the office, home patio or special occasion.

Finding a balance

I have always been a big fan of change. Change is good, its healthy, and over all I think it makes us more willing to adapt.  Some change we are in control of and then there are times we are not, but if we are accepting of the change then we can control the speed and execution.  Opening the shop was going to require me to find a balance.  A balance between shop owner, mother of four, wife and friend.  I am not sure I have found that balance yet.  Each day gets a little easier, then all of a sudden I am taken off course by a volleyball tournament or needing to help our college student with her living situation...In retrospect these seem like minor issues.  Its finding the balance for me, its knowing when I can and can't be there for my family or my business.  I feel I am already an established good mom ( I think my kids would agree ), but not yet an established shop owner.  When I have to close for the day to be with the kids, it takes away from the shop.  When I have to work on my baking or an event it takes away from the family.  So how do I get to that "balance" I so desperately need?  One hour at a time, literally.  Not looking to far ahead, making sure I have laughter and definitely loving and embracing my "change".   I believe that by showing our children that you can make something good happen out of a challenging time, that is the biggest plus I could ask for.  They have been able to see their father leave and go to Afghanistan and their mom begin her dream.  It was definitely change for all of us, but I think we are doing a darn good job.  That "balance" will come because we are all working together for success.