Savory n Sweet, Inc.

bringing food to you with vintage style

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Savory n Sweets is a fresh, home spun catering service, specializing in breakfast, luncheons, brunch and dinners for all occasions. The vintage vibe that creates a  comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, whether hosting in the office or on your home patio.

Our beautiful shop in Redondo Beach has closed...we are moving to the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Portland, Oregon area. We will be reopening a small location there. In the meantime, we are still taking on catering requests. So please give us a call for your event needs.

Savory Applewood Bacon Baby Spinach Quiche

I'm such a lover of sweets, well carbs in general, that I spend a lot my time whipping up decadent treats.  I often lose sight of the savory side of Savory n Sweets. One of the main dishes in the little shoppe is our applewood bacon baby spinach Tillamook sharp cheddar quiche.  This dish is a regular fixture! I've tried to change it up by using asparagus or ham however, the comments are always the same...oh wow no bacon spinach quiche?
So, there you go, when you have something that works don't tweak it! I'm going to work harder at creating more savory dishes for the shoppe...after all fall is here and winter is right around the corner. Aren't we all craving good ol' comfort foods!